Capacità d’Investimento

Investimento responsabile

In a world where a genuine responsible investment partner is increasingly crucial, Columbia Threadneedle Investments aims to help investors move forward more confidently. With an even stronger commitment, and even greater strength of expertise, we are well positioned to support clients evolving needs.

Breadth of capability and depth of expertise in Responsible Investment

We strive to be responsible stewards of our clients’ assets, allocating their capital within a framework of robust research and good governance, with a breadth of capability, and depth of expertise. Our industry leading resources provide deeper research, powerful analytics, and smarter insights, which enriches our knowledge on environmental, social and governance issues across asset classes, sectors and geographies.

We are active owners

Active ownership is central to our work. We recognise the positive role we can play as investors in driving real world change through our activities. Thoughtful engagement helps us to develop a more accurate understanding of a company. By building trust, we can have greater influence, drive positive change, reduce risk and enhance long-term performance. We have a 20-year track record of active ownership.

Award winning Responsible strategies and solutions

We have an extensive range of award-winning responsible strategies and solutions. Our evolving range includes all asset classes and covers the responsible investment fund spectrum.  We continue to innovate to answer clients evolving need. Our reo™ service gives investors access to market leading engagement and proxy voting services.

Driving change

Investing responsibly is not a new idea for us.  We were one of the earliest adopters of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and launched Europe’s first ethically screened equity and the UK’s social bond funds.  We’ve been at the forefront of active ownership – engaging with companies for over 20 years, helping shape industry policies and standards.

It comes from a belief that applying responsible investment principles can reduce risk and enhance outcomes over the long term.  It’s an ethos that continually pushes us forward to drive change through a more responsible investment approach – for us, our clients, and the wider world.

18 Maggio 2021

James Waters

Data scientist senior

Aumentare, non sostituire, l'intelligenza umana negli investimenti

L’IA è un potente strumento di analisi dei dati, ma le manca l’”intelligenza generale” per essere qualcosa di più. Intervista a James Waters, Data scientist senior.
Tempo di lettura - 4 min
20 Aprile 2020

Colin Moore

Global Chief Investment Officer

Coronavirus: ricerca, ricerca e ancora ricerca…

In risposta all’evolvere della pandemia di Covid-19, stiamo concentrando le nostre attività di ricerca su quattro macroaree: 1) le ripercussioni sanitarie; 2) le conseguenze economiche; 3) l’impatto sui mercati; e 4) le implicazioni di lungo periodo.
Tempo di lettura - 6 min

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